Christ Church bop lights up!

Flamethrower brought by second year to party….

In an arson-themed weekend, Christ Church bop was a party to remember on Saturday night as an open bar, jelly-wrestling and a FLAMETHROWER all featured.


Inigo Lapwood, a second year Philosophy and Psychology student at Christ Church, brought a flamethrower to the party, firing it several times in the iconic Tom Quad.

Lapwood, attending the bop with his fiancée Alice Blow, who is studying at Cambridge, was celebrating his recent return from a rustication period of living on a houseboat.


The bop, held in the Christ Church JCR, was sponsored by drinking society the Mercurials, Christ Church’s only drinking society, who paid for an open bar.

Punters were also entertained by jellywrestling, while several fire-extinguishers were also sprayed across the bop until the party was shut down just after midnight.

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Afterparties continued throughout the evening, with a window broken in ‘Peck’ building, reminiscent of the 1920s Bullingdon club which smashed 256 windows in the same place.

Many showers across the college are still currently full of vomit.


James Wilkinson, Theology undergraduate at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, wrote on Lapwood’s Facebook page: “Those pictures of you with a flamethrower are genuinely nightmare-fuel.” Lapwood responded: “If your nightmares are fuelled by butane, then yes.”

  • Felix Goodman

    Thank fuck no one found my Buller membership card. or grid twitter account.

  • We Are The Cardinals

    The Mercurials are wankers

    • Jon Cleland

      Just because I’m 46 years old does not mean I should not come to Bops, and pay for everyone’s booze

  • Henry Sherman

    Looking for a date this week. Find me in the TSK.

  • Urm

    Have a feeling that might have been illegal. Under the Firearms Act, flamethrowers are classed as a “Section 5″ item and so possession equals an automatic & compulsory 5 year sentence. (as it uses butane rather than actual flamethrower propellant might not count) #notanexpert

    • James Stokes

      Good to see another enthusiastic member of the Oxford University Chat Committee.


    Next week I’ll be bringing a flamethrower into Bridge to burn the fucking place down. Indigo Lapland should come.

  • Human

    Most alarming aspect of the whole mess: in Oxford, “jellywrestling” is one word not two/

  • Human

    In Oxford, “jellywrestling” is one word.

    • Same Human

      Oh, so it’s moderating rather than broken then. In that case delete whichever wording you like the least.

  • The Daily Hate
  • Anonymous

    Score one for access.

  • Honest gentleman

    He’s punched above his weight there.

  • David Shields

    Flamethrower? Wait til you see my cannons.

    • ox1

      no sorry, you are never funny

  • Smoker, cool, totally classic, basically

    He was only giving me a light.