Tab tries: Real tennis

“Sport of kings” or game of wankers?


The Tabometer: Week two

Is Bridge still full of red trousers? Is doner better than shish?


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead


Old boys behave like ‘gorillas’ at Keble’s first bop

Outrage over ‘shocking display of misogyny’


Chundergraduate: Fresher pukes in lecture on ‘lash’, ‘banter’ and Jagermeister

Talk of Jager was all too much for one vomming first year


Don’t hang around with ‘exotic’ visiting students, says OxStu Creative Director

Natalie Harney warns peers ‘they’re not in it for the long haul’

These are the best dressed clubbers of week one

Did you make the cut? More importantly, did you not wear a sports tie and/or blazer?


Best Clubbers: Week one

#matriculash #matricuswag #matriculol

dr caligari

Hotlist: Week two

We’re getting into the swing of things now


Tommy Robinson forced to pull out of Union line-up after arrest over death threats

Ex-EDL leader has violated his parole


Keeping Tabs: A year abroad in Russia

Aliza Dee’s first column on moonshine, mushrooms and misleading vocab lessons

Street Style: Week one

All these people dressed better than you this week

Autumnal Meadows: A fashion shoot

As autumn turns to winter, wrap yourself up in soft furs, thick wools, and sumptuous velvets

ship street

The sound of my voice: The homeless woman

Tom Ball seeks out Oxford’s hidden voices – starting with those who live on the streets


Shitlist: Week two

Three reasons to stay in your room this week


People at Oxford are actually pretty normal

Says this terrified PPE fresher