People at Oxford are actually pretty normal

Says this terrified PPE fresher

The Tab student news

Shitlist: Week 2

Three reasons to stay in your room this week.


Oxford Professor cleared over child abuse claims

Police have stopped investigating Professor Subir Sarkar


Food Music label boss Shadow Child and Kry Wolf bring their big room sound to Oxford

Time to learn how to be cool kids

A small group of asian tourists obscured by a family returning from a birthday party

An ode to Oxford tourists

Celebrating one of Oxford’s most subjugated groups.


The Tabometer: Week One

Is Ryan Gosling still hot? Is rowing still lame?

Best Dressed: Freshers’ week

We’re back. Have you dressed to impress?


Varsity Trip booking chaos: Site crashes within minutes of launch

Reticulating splines and other ominous warnings

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 21.34.46

VIDEO: Oxford Fashion Week Model Casting

We made some pretty people feel pretty awkward


Grammar school did NOT make me a bigot

Peter Corden hits back at accusations that his school bred a culture of hatred

cellar pic

Hotlist: Week one

How to go out, get smart and be cultured in First Week


Best Clubbers: Freshers’ Week

It’s back. Did you make the cut?


Don’t worry guys, we’ve cracked feminism



The Tab Goes to Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

A day at Oxford’s favourite fair scouting the student body’s best dressed vintage aficionados


Moving in style: Meet the freshers

We took pictures of Oxford’s most uncomfortable new recruits

Adams' Grammar School in Newport

Grammar school made me a bigot

Matt Broomfield attacks the institutionalised hatred at Adams’ Grammar School

Best Dressed: Bridge of Sighs Commemoration Ball

The snazziest outfits and most marvellous masks at Hertford’s white tie ball

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