The Union has invited renowned hate preacher Anjem Choudary to speak next term.

Choudary is known for his extremist views and is considered one of the top radicalist recruiters in the country.

Now he’s been invited to the union even though he’s on bail for being a member of a banned terrorist group, reports the Mail.

FFS Union

FFS Union

The motion is reportedly “This house believes that radicalism is born at home.”

One Muslim student, speaking to the OxStu, said: “It’s typical, although disappointing, that certain controversial characters are repeatedly asked to speak – whether it is on air or at the Union – as representatives of Islam or British Muslims.”

“There are plenty of eloquent, well-informed, and far more representative speakers who could have been invited, but it seems the Union is not looking for a debate which fairly represents the two sides.”

This isn’t the first time the Union has provoked controversy by inviting radical and offensive speakers. Last term’s talk from Marine Le Pen sparked international outrage and huge protests, in which some even tried to break into the Union’s grounds whilst members were trapped inside the debate chamber.

Few have caused as much offence as Choudary, however, who recently courted controversy with statements on the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Not all are outraged, however. One PPE fresher said: “I’m more offended by the fact the Mail called us impressionable young undergrads than Choudary, to be honest.”


  • Tom

    inviting him to speak is the best thing to do, if you can defeat his claims in a fair debate in front of everyone he’ll lose support. You’d think people would have learnt by now that banning debate because it’s “offensive” tends to only help the person being banned. Look at UKIP for fucks sake, every time they get banned from debates, get a BBC hatchet job or get stopped from saying their view support for them surges