A Lannister always pays his debts, right?

Startled Economics freshers were left baffled by a Game of Thrones themed question on their first exam.

The three hour Introductory Economics exam yesterday asked first years to analyse House Stark’s economy and then questioned whether they’d be better off working with the Lannisters.

And the question, called “amazing” by students, dramatically finished off by asking students to compare Westeros to the Eurozone.

One Economics fresher said: “I can imagine the examiner was listening to the Rains of Castamere while writing it.”

“It was ironic because the exam was killing me.”


Another said: “The stupid bits trying to be fun made it too confusing for me. Why not just talk about UK and EU, silly examiners?”

He added: “Too much elitism in the university, thinking that I can afford Netflix after paying four grand on a bed.”

The “fun” question was unusual for Oxford exams, which have shied away from pop culture references in the past.

The question asked: “The Kingdom of the North is considering forming a monetary union with the Kingdom of the Rock…the preferences of the Governor from House Stark are different to those of the Governor from House Lannister. Is that a problem?”

Fans of the series should have found that easy – alliances with the Lannisters never work out too well.

The question used an in depth knowledge of the series – clearly the examiners are big fans of George RR Martin’s work.


  • Piren’e Colass

    Hate to be that guy, but the Lannisters are the lords of Casterly Rock, in the kingdom of the Westerlands. It was close, but it wasn’t quite right.

    • Hot Pie

      Yeah no, when the kingdoms where independent, pre-Aegon the Conqueror, it was the Kingdom of the Rock.

      • Piren’e Colass

        You got me beat. Well hot damn.