They reckon you lot can change the world

A scientific gaming arcade has been erected inside the Holder Building on the campus of Oxford, by energy giant Shell.

The global company is running an innovative careers event inside the building’s cafe on Parks Road from 9am till 4pm on Tuesday to find the bright sparks that are going to #makethefuture, and encourage them to enter their Ideas360 competition.

So you think you can dance?

So you think you can dance?

Once inside visitors are faced by a series of challenges, the interactive event’s energy zone asks participants to think about using human movement to create electricity.

They've got some really cool toys

They’ve got some really cool toys

The event is being run in support of Shell’s #makethefuture initiative which runs the annual Shell Ideas360 competition which helps budding innovators to formulate, develop and pitch ideas they believe can change the world.

Fancy a free cap?

Fancy a free cap?

To enter the competition and be in with a chance of winning a place on  a National Geographic adventure, or if you just fancy picking up a free cap, head down to the Holder Building before 4pm on Tuesday.

  • Matt McDonald

    oh man, can’t wait to go to this Exeter uni event #never #going #to #leave

    • Your lucky day

      Threesome with Brad V ?

  • Jimmy Rustler

    both look fucking garbage, I’d rather drink drano.

  • Iraqi Chan

    No need to get involved in the ‘Face On Face Off’, girls. I’ll be providing some salty things of my own.

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  • CuntyChuntyWunty.

    Cunts. But Lovable ones none the less.

  • Bored

    Cherwell already did this like 2 weeks ago

  • MC Brown Bear

    FUCK the Max Bray haters.

    This is MC Brown Bear not giving a single damn FUCK.

  • Anon

    It’s funny because most of the comments are spot on.