The Tab guide to thinking for yourself this Freshers’ Week

Why does anyone think this is necessary?


The best of the Oxford offer holders groups returns

The offer holders are back, and they’re less funny than ever

Mikey can no longer look at Hassan's in the same way

We’re getting fat! Oxford students put on most weight as freshers

We’re tucking into too many a Taylor’s


Meet the godlike genius who posted an introductory video of himself to fellow freshers

Wouldn’t life be better if we were all more like UEA fresher Thomas Rees?


Unis issue warnings over fake student finance emails

Students have already been conned out of ‘thousands of pounds’


QUIZ: How rubbish will your freshers’ week be?

Whether you’re heading to uni for the first time or going back for more, make sure you’re prepared for how shit it will probably be

Pole 2

I was a science lecturer, now I’m a pole dancing champion

Quiet at the back


We gave the English a voice in the Scottish independence debate even though they don’t deserve one

General consensus: Londoners don’t have a clue and don’t give a toss

We should probably be grateful that they didn't go for the £450 one...

OUSU, making the OxStu’s slut-shaming legal doesn’t make it right

Siobhan Fenton tells us why OUSU’s response to the OxStu’s slut shaming is not only ineffective, but also incredibly harmful

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 22.16.56

OUSU splashes out nearly £400 on media law courses for OxStu Eds

Incoming President Trup announces that problems are best fixed by throwing loads of money at them.


The graduation photographers think I’m an Indonesian girl called Winona

Actually, I’m a 22-year-old bloke from Gloucestershire

Amer D

Generation jihadi: The British youth joining ISIS

An in depth look at some of the young Brits fighting in Iraq and Syria


I was raped at Oxford University and police pressured me into dropping charges

The criminal justice system, not women’s drinking, is to blame for low conviction rates says one student

Kilimanjaro is a popular destination for student travellers

Students heartbroken as Kili climb cancelled

Students and charities lose thousands of pounds as travel company goes bust minutes before flights to Africa were set to leave

Mary called her attacker a coward

Carnival pervert punches girl in the face after she complains about him groping her

Leeds student assaulted at Notting Hill Carnival left with horrific injuries


What your condom says about you

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!