What happened to Love Thy Neighbour

Boisterous Christian rockers enraged finalists when they warmed up for their Broad Street concert – at 9am.

The “ear splitting” noise from the Love Oxford concert woke up exam- students on Sunday – who then couldn’t revise all morning.

The noise could was so loud it could be heard from 7 colleges: Exeter, Jesus, Lincoln, Balliol, Trinity, Hertford and Wadham were all affected.

According to some cross finalists, the noise from the “open air service” was so loud it could be heard from inside the Bodleian Library.

Sam Galbraith Slater, a first year at Exeter, said: “I woke up at about 6am to the sound of them putting the stage up – except it sounded a lot more like they were just hurling metal poles around.

“At about 9.30am they started soundchecking, the same song over and over again – I swear if I hear ‘My God is Greater’ one more time I will flip.”

And finalist Alice Nutting said: “The concert went ahead until 1pm and the noise was ear splitting: my bedroom door and windows (in Exeter) were shaking and banging repeatedly.”

She added: “It is exam season and it was impossible for a lot of people to revise for the entire morning, especially as the Bodleian libraries in the city centre were also affected.


“I don’t understand how they were granted a license but I’m pretty sure your average rock band wouldn’t get one for a Sunday morning concert.”

Exeter student Peter Fage was also woken at 9.30am – “to loud bass noises shaking the window panes of my room. I had no warning of a massive concert on Broad Street (which my room overlooks).

“They were practicing before the concert at 11 but it was ridiculous – I could make out the words of the singing with my windows closed, and my room is next the the Sheldonian rather than where the stage was.

Slater also said: “The main problem is that there didn’t seem to be any warning, and there is always the suspicion that had it not been a religious group they would never have got a license anyway.”

Exeter College’s JCR passed an emergency motion on Sunday to complain to the City Council and local councillors. This came after complaints flooded the event’s Facebook page, with Jack Searle saying “Your music is fucking stupid”.

And Fred Cascarini called the organisers out on their loving principles: “I thought you guys were supposed to ‘love your neighbour’? Annoying hundreds of finalists in the 6 nearby colleges and the Bodleian who are in pre-finals panic and trying to revise/sleep is not exactly what I would consider loving?”

Love Oxford have not responded to a request for comment as of the time of publishing.