Pembroke revealed as Oxford’s dumbest college in new Norrington Table

LMH rise from flames while Pembroke hold their heads in shame


Just graduated? London will suck out your soul and your money

Heading for the Big Smoke? Turn around. You can’t afford it and you’re not even welcome


Second British student named as victim of Malaysian Airlines crash

Ben Pocock, a Loughborough student, has tragically died in the MH17 flight shot down over Ukraine

The news article reveals chillingly ignorant attitudes towards rape

No, OxStu, being sexually active doesn’t mean you can’t be raped

The Oxstu’s article slamming an alleged rape victim for promiscuity shows the dark side of victim blaming


Best Dressed: Industry fashion mag night out

The best dressed students from a night of fashionable fun with Industry fashion magazine

One D- closet theologians

Tasha Dhanraj week 8: 4 things I learnt from reading Theology at Oxford

Studying Theology for two years has taught TASHA DHANRAJ a thing or two about religion…

The sultan cares not for OUSU

Sultan of Shame: Uni says homophobe can keep Oxford degree

Uni chiefs ignore demands to strip despot of honours


Theft at the Ashmolean!

Museum security stops the thieves halfway through their attack

Joe Miles buckles under 8th week pressure and takes a kip

Joe Miles Week 8: End of term blues

In his last ever column JOE MILES tells you how to survive 8th week


Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan will NOT face rape charges

Police say no further action will be taken


We asked some grown ups for their patronising advice about uni

Ever wondered on what it might be like to finish uni, pay a mortgage and experience more than one 7 o’ clock a day?


This Lancashire night club video will make you believe in fun again

Watch the ‘Bounce by the Ounce’ crew absolutely having it


Best Dressed Clubbers: week 7

Which Oxford students stole the show this week?


5 perks of being a finalist

If you never thought you’d miss the most hellish time of your life, think again…

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Rickin’ it- meet the five students about to trek India in a rickshaw

From rickshaw fivesomes to sun burn bums- meet the five Oxford students who plan to drive across India for charity in three-wheeled death-trap lawnmowers

alexis taylor

Hotlist: Week 8

Because 8th Week is for fun (unless you have exams)

Trinity high table- the scene of the crime

Trinity votes to reaffiliate with OUSU

Trinity opts back into OUSU for first time in years