Play ‘em with ur m8s

Who doesn’t like Top Trumps? They’re just great – and now you have your very own mini set of Oxford club nights, scored in a ludicrously subjective manner. Print them out for pre-drinks if you’re desperate.

All the categories are fairly self-explanatory, but:

Style refers directly to the over-arching fashion sense of the crowd – timeless vogue or full hockey training kit? The latter scores low.

– Vibes attempts to quantify the intangible quality of ‘good vibes’. The ‘atmo’. Think ‘good people, good times’.

– Promo is essentially the branding, the image of the night – is the Facebook event description entertaining, does it look professional and something I’d go to, do I even know it’s happening ?

P.S If your night didn’t make the cut, soz, we didn’t deem it important enough.

4 1 2 3


  • Brookes Student

    Fuck off, MNB is ours.